Compostable Pod Coffee Study: 100 million reasons to switch from plastic pods

Check out the university’s latest study that compares the environmental impacts of transitioning 100 million plastic pods (PS, PP) to compostable coffee pods.

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)

Did you know that……

Compostable coffee pods require 90% less energy to make than plastic coffee pods.

Materials used in the production of compostable coffee pods result in 95% fewer carbon emissions when compared to plastic coffee pods.

Compostable coffee pods are made using predominantly renewable plant based resources.

The entire compostable coffee pod is bio-degradable, resulting in zero waste for consumers when they put it in the green bin.

Including compostable coffee pods in the green bin improves the quality of compost produced. More than 85% of the pod is made up of nutrient rich coffee that is actually good for compost and plants

Unlike compostable coffee pods, it takes more than 400 years for a plastic coffee pod to breakdown in a landfill, whereas compostable coffee pods can break down as quickly as XX days in large scale composting

For every one tonne of compostable coffee pods that are composted, we abate 2.45 tonnes of carbon

It is 15 times more expensive to try and recycle a plastic coffee pod, than it is to try and compost a compostable coffee pod

For every compostable pod used in place of a plastic pod, we reduce plastics in landfill/environment by approximately 3.5 grams. Considering that Canadians consume more than 100 million coffee pods every year, the potential plastics reduction equals 350,000 kilograms per year. That is the equivalent weight of:

Weight Based KPIs

  • 129 Adult African Forest Elephants
  • 271 Honda Civics
  • 174 Toronto Raptors Basketball Teams (the weight of every single Toronto Raptors Player multiplied by 174)
  • 46 Million McDonalds Big Macs