Our Mission

Working towards a world without waste – To engage in research to aid in a better understanding of sustainable waste management systems, policies and practices. To engage in multi-sectoral stakeholder collaboration to ensure solutions are practical, economically tenable and environmentally sustainable. To reach consensus on what the goal of a waste management system should be, and what we are trying to achieve. To ensure that research is accessible, transparent and contributes to the collective understanding of waste management issues. To aid in the development of evidenced based policy. To promote a circular economy on campus, in the community and across the country.

Our Values

Transparency…. In the data and methodologies used in our research

Accessibility…..Our research must be accessible to the broadest range of stakeholders, and not just to those who have the ability to pay for it

Collaboration…..We must be willing to work with stakeholders from all sectors and spheres, even those that we disagree with

Inclusivity…. Our research and recommendations must benefit the broadest range of people possible

Practicality…… What we do and the solutions we develop must be practical, readily implementable and recognize resource/time constraints

Informed….. Assist stakeholders in evidence, science based decision making

Sustainable……Promote UNDP sustainable development goal #12, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns