The “Waste Wiki” is a university run/operated research project that attempts to bridge the gap between academia, industry and government in issues surrounding waste.

The Waste Wiki is….:

1) An online, open access resource that houses data, research and literature pertinent to Canada’s Waste Management Sector.

2) An opportunity to provide students with job skills training, employment opportunities, and the ability to co-author academic studies/grey literature

3) A research initiative designed to advance understanding surrounding diversion behavior and the impacts of waste management policy

4) A research service to stakeholders, regardless of their ability to financially contribute to the project. A time contribution (sitting down with us to work through issues) is equally as important as a financial one.

The “democratization” of research is something the university feels very strongly about. Every stakeholder, big or small, should be able to have access to the same level of support and technical assistance. The ability to pay should never be the barrier to access research services.

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