The “Reduce and Reuse” Forum

The “Reduce and Reuse” Forum


Welcome to the new section of the Waste Wiki Website, the “Reduce and Reuse” forum.

The purpose of this section is to highlight the importance of waste reduction and reuse as a diversion strategy, featuring the innovative research and initiatives being undertaken by people and organizations from across the world.

Recycling has historically been the focal point of waste management policy and public engagement – even the ubiquitous Mobius loop has been hijacked to communicate the recyclability of an item, instead of reduction and reuse.

Why does this matter? Because a system premised on recycling alone will never be able to meet the ambitious diversion targets being set by jurisdictions across North America.

Waste reduction and reuse needs to a play a critical role in working towards a zero waste economy, and our hope is that this forum will help facilitate some of that dialogue.

We invite anyone (students, researchers, private/public sector workers etc.) to submit articles, pictures, news items, editorials etc. about waste reduction and reuse (please send all submissions to

Featured Articles for March 2019

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