Blue Box

The Blue Box program is Ontario’s Residential Recycling program for printed paper and packaging waste (including items such as newsprint, cardboard, plastic, metals and glass).

Below are files and documents that contain historical information documenting the performance of the program since 2002.

Blue Box (Updated as of October 2016)

Program Information (2002-2014)
(These files describe the range of accepted Blue Box materials for each municipality operating a Blue Box program in Ontario. The files range from 2002-2014)

Financial Summary (2002-2013)

(These files describe the the final details for operating the  Blue Box program as reported by municipalities. This includes information on Reported Tonnes, Single vs. Dual Stream, Collection, Processing, Depot, P&E, Gross Costs, Revenues and Net Costs)

Municipal Funding (2006-2012)

(These files describe how the “pay out” to municipalities based on various performance metrics. Older files used the effectiveness and efficiency calculation, while more recent years used the Blue Box Best Practice cost model. It should be noted that the data only exists until the 2012 data year. Due to arbitration, reported costs have been used for determining the steward obligation inn 2014 and 2015)

Municipal Tonnages (2002-2014)

(These files describe the total number of tonnes recovered/marketed by municipalities, broken down by individual material type, i.e. Newsprint, Corrugated Cardboard/Boxboard, Plastics etc.)

The “Pay out” Model (2002-2016)

(These files are  used to calculate the fee rates for individual materials that are included as part of Ontario’s Blue Box program. It includes information on Generation, Recovery, Gross Cost, Net Cost, Distribution of Common costs etc, for each of the 23 Blue Box materials). It should be noted that these files are “password protected”, which discourages users from digging behind the calculations to see how they are done. For more information on how fees are calculated, please visit the Stewardship Ontario website :

History of Ontario’s Blue Box Program

Blue Box Resources

Blue Box Program Plan