Interactive Maps!

This section explores how we can spatially represent data using interactive maps.


IC&I Generation with Toggles (Active Landfills, MRFs etc.)
Using the universities proprietary modeling of the IC&I sector, see where the generation “hot spots” are, as well toggles for active landfills, transfer stations, MRFs etc.
Hazardous Waste Generation with Toggles (Hazardous waste processing capacity)
Based on our modeling of the hazardous waste sector, see how haz waste generation is spatially distributed across the province. Use the toggles to see what type of hazardous waste processing capacity we have in place (based on available ECAs)
List of all Depots and Transfer Stations in Ontario
See where all the depots and transfer stations are in Ontario

Blue Box Coverage Map
See which programs offer curbside, depot or combined service. Done by Census District