Waste Wiki 101: Learning Series

This section will be devoted to providing valuable skills, training and resources to students,  researchers and other stakeholders working within the space.

This content will be updated periodically Feel free to suggest a topic, or even provide a contribution you would like to share! – our goal is provide to provide a comprehensive “Training Manual” that is disseminated freely to anyone who takes interest.

October 17th: Proposed Sampling Strategy for Single Family Audits

October 25th: Environmental Behavior 101

November 4th: Key Considerations for Public Space Recycling

November 11th: Waste – Issues in Integration

November 20th:  What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

November 29th: Pay as you throw

December 7th:  Single vs. Multi Stream Recycling

December 15th: Economics of Recycling

December 28th: Northern vs Rural Recycling

January 10th: History of Blue Box Recycling

January 20th: Types of evaluative models used in recycling research