Long Form CV

Curriculum Vitae

Vishnu Calvin Lakhan

PERMANENT ADDRESS: 21 Madrid Crst, Brampton, Ontario

PERSONAL: 33 years, Male, born in Canada, Canadian citizen.

Cell: 416-523-5164

Email: lakhanc@yorku.ca

COMPETENCIES: Specialist in the field of environmental resource management, environmental economics, quantitative methods, and geographical information systems. Could teach and conduct research in all aspects of environmental studies, statistical analyses of data, and geospatial analysis.

Education History and Highlights

 University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, 2011-2015
    • Dissertation Topic: Critical review of Ontario’s Blue Box Recycling System: Identifying best practices in printed paper and packaging recycling

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Masters of Environmental Studies in Environmental Economics, 2007-2009
    • Thesis Topic: Assessing the efficacy of willingness to accept valuation indicators for non- fungible and natural goods
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Econometrics, 2002-2006
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Employment History

2016-Present: Co-Investigator “Waste Wiki” (York University – Faculty of Environmental Studies)

  • Collaborative research initiative between academia, industry and government
  • Open access research platform: The “Waste Wiki” conducts research and develops tools to aid in evidenced based decision making for stakeholders
  • Developed Canada’s largest open access library for waste related literature
  • Works closely with a range of municipal and private sector partners to address issues related to Blue Box Funding, package light weighting etc.

2015-2016: Senior Research Scientist (Ontario Center for Recycling Research)

  • Assist recycling stakeholders in designing and carrying out projects by offering methodological and analytical support through all stages of project development
  • Partnered with more than 10 municipalities and packaging companies
  • Worked on 6 multi provincial projects with stakeholders at all levels of government


2012 – 2015: Consultant (Pear Consulting, Mississauga, Ontario)

  • Lead consultant in developing industry stewardship plans for obligated stewards
  • Develop cost recovery and activity based costing models for companies interested in quantifying the costs of waste diversion
  • Perform jurisdictional scans for legislative recycling requirements for clients operating across multiple provinces/states


2014: Contract Senior Policy Advisor (Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Toronto, Ontario)

  • Analytical support for the Waste Management Policy Branch
  • Develop cost models to quantify economic and diversion impacts of potential policies


2011 – 2015: Teaching Assistant (UOW/Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Teaching Assistant for Canadian Urban Geography, Canadian Urban Space and Geographies of Human Development, Environmental Thought
  • Lab Instructor for Geographic Information and Analysis, Spatial Statistics
  • Teaching Assistant and tutorial leader for Perspectives on Sustainability


2010- 2011: Consultant (StewardEdge, Toronto,  Ontario)

  • Consultant in developing  Stewardship Ontario GHG Emissions calculator
  • Analytical support for Blue Box, Ontario Electronic Stewardship and Material Hazardous Solid Waste programs
  • Extensive knowledge of Canadian and international extended producer responsibility schemes


2009-2010: Technical Analyst (Bell Canada, Mississauga, Ontario)

  • Analytical support for One Source Migration team
  • Assist in writing, translating and disseminating corporate policies and communications



Articles Published to Refereed Publications



Lakhan, C. (2017) “The Garbage Gospel: The role of religious institutions in shaping attitudes towards recycling and waste management” Journal of Environmental Education, https://doi.org/10.1080/00958964.2017.1337701


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Optimizing emissions targets for residential recycling programs: Why “more” isn’t necessarily better with respect to diversion” Waste Management and Research DOI: 2016 Nov;34(11):1148-1156. Epub 2016 Aug 3.


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Out of sight, out of mind: Issues and opportunities for recycling in multi residential dwellings” Resources Conservation and Recycling, 108(3):1-9


Lakhan, C. (2016) “The relationship between municipal waste diversion incentivization and recycling rate performance: An Ontario case study” Resources Conservation and Recycling, 106(1) 68-77


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Effectiveness of recycling promotion and education initiatives among first generation ethnic minorities in Ontario, Canada” Social Sciences 5:23; doi:10.3390/socsci5020023


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Quantifying emissions impacts for Ontario’s Waste Electronics Recycling Program” Journal of Carbon Research Forthcoming doi:10.3390/c2020011


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Perception of Environmental Harm and Willingness to Pay Environmental Handling Fees” Environments, 3(1):22-29


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Do eco-fees encourage design for the environment? The relationship between  environmental handling fees and recycling rates for printed paper and packaging” Recycling 1(1):140-152


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Factors influencing increases in residential recycling system costs for Ontario’s Blue Box program” Advances in Recycling and Waste Management 01(3):111-124


Lakhan, C. (2015) “North of the 46 Parallel: Obstacles and Challenges to Recycling in Ontario’s Rural and Northern Communities” Waste Management, 10:216-226


Alam N., Ahmad SR., Qadir A., Lakhan C., Ashraf MI., Lakhan VC. (2015) “Use of statistical and GIS techniques to assess and predict concentrations of heavy metals in soils of Lahore City Pakistan” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 10(636): 237-245


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Challenges and Opportunities to Increasing Diversion in Ontario’s Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sector” Advances in Recycling and Waste Management 01(1):101-113


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Stakeholder Perceptions of unit based waste disposal schemes in Ontario, Canada” Resources,  4(3):434-456


Lakhan, C. (2015) “A Comparison of Single and Multi-Stream Recycling Systems in Ontario, Canada” Resources,  4(3): 384-397


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Differences in self-reported recycling behavior among first and second generation South Asians in Ontario” Resource Conservation and Recycling, 4(97): 34-43


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Evaluating the affects of unit based waste disposal schemes on the collection of household recyclables” Resources Conservation and Recycling, 2(95):38-45


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Diversion, but at what cost? The economic challenges of recycling in Ontario” Resources Conservation and Recycling, 2(95):133-142


Lakhan, C. (2014) “Exploring the relationship between municipal promotion and education investments and recycling rate performance: An Ontario case study” Resources Conservation and Recycling, 11 (92): 222–229


Lakhan, C. (2013) “Alternative waste management strategies in the Caribbean: Developing Structured Cooperatives from Informal Recycling Initiatives” Journal of Indo Caribbean Research, 7(1): 17-35.



Lakhan, C. (2017). Something Stinks: Exploring the relationship between household income levels and access to public space recycling services Resources Conservation and Recycling


Under Review:

Lakhan, C. (2017) “Ethnic Variation in Environmental Attitudes and Behavior” Resources


In Preparation:

Lakhan, C. (2017) “Size matters: How cognitive compliance affects utilization of public space recycling bins”


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Transient vs. Planned Recycling Behavior: Why the motivation for “split second” recycling decisions differ from planned action”


Lakhan, C. (2017) “iPledge: An alternative recycling promotion and education campaign for engaging households in Ontario”


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Public Spaces and the built environment: Why recycling signage is not effective in commons areas”


Lakhan, C.  (2017) “Cognitive dissonance and its affect on transient recycling decisions: The “Fu** It Principle”


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Urban waste scavenging: Entrepreneurial or subsistence strategy?”


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Refurbishing electronics and the brain: How community fix it programs increases cognitive function in the elderly”


Technical White Papers/Reports


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Better and best practices in municipal textile diversion policy” – Prepared on behalf of Diabetes Canada


Lakhan. C. (2018) “Food Audit Waste Guide” – Prepared for York Region


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Single family audit review for the City of Toronto” – Prepared on behalf of the city of Toronto


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Key Learnings from Multi Residential Audit Review – Identifying the infrastructural and sociodemographic factors that influence multi residential recycling rates” – Prepared on behalf of York Region


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Developing a tonnage forecasting methodology for the City of Toronto” – Prepared on behalf of the city of Toronto


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Quantifying the effects of package light weighting in the City of Toronto” Prepared on behalf of the Continuous Improvement Fund for the City of Toronto


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Technical White Paper (1 of 4): The “endogeneity” hypothesis: A proposed explanation for why recycling costs are increasing in Ontario PeerJ


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Technical White Paper (2 of 4): Trends in Blue Box generation and recovery – factors driving changes in system costs and diversion” PeerJ


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Technical White Paper (3 of 4): Trends in Blue Box generation and recovery – Municipal Grouping Analysis” PeerJ


Lakhan, C. (2015) “Technical White Paper (4 of 4): Trends in Blue Box generation and recovery – Changes in component costs” PeerJ


Industry Publications


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Overview of EPR programs in Canada, United States and Europe –better practices in printed paper and packaging legislation” – Prepared for the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Analytical Review of Spectrum LCA calculator” – Prepared for Waste Management of America


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Jurisdictional overview of plastics legislation in Asian and Middle Eastern Markets” – Prepared for Clorox Canada


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Thinking Beyond the Box” – an examination of collection mediums for printed paper and packaging waste” – Prepared for Clorox Canada


Lakhan, C. (2016). “Understanding how program costs and recovery have changed over time” Continuous Improvement Fund http://thecif.ca/2016/10/06/understanding-how-program-costs-and-recovery-have-changed-over-time/


Lakhan, C. (2016). “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Issues and opportunities for multi residential recycling” Ontario Waste Management Association Waste Edge Magazine (Spring/Summer)


Lakhan, C. (2016). “The Garbage Gospel: How religious institutions can improve recycling participation through alternative promotion and education” Ontario Waste Management Association Waste Edge Magazine (Spring/Summer)


Lakhan, C.  (2015). “The changing landscape of recycling: Why staying the course is not a suitable solution” Ontario Waste Management Association Waste Edge Magazine (Spring/Summer)


Conference Presentations


Lakhan, C. (2018). “Lessons learned from National Textile Study – in collaboration with Diabetes Canada” Recycling Council of British Columbia Annual Conference


Lakhan, C. (2018) “Developing a provincial textile diversion program” – Province of Manitoba, Ministry of the Environment


Lakhan, C. (2017). “Better Practices in Municipal Textile Diversion” National Textile Symposium


Lakhan, C. (2017) “What should go in the bin? Sustainable Materials Management for printed paper and packaging” American Institute for Packaging and the Environment Annual Conference


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Effects of Package Light Weighting for Ontario municipalities” Ontario Recycler’s Workshop


Lakhan, C. (2017) “Knowledge Mobilization in the Waste Sector” Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting


Lakhan, C. (2017) “The Waste Wiki Project: Accessibility in Waste Research” Ontario Waste Management Association Annual Conference


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Investigating the Economic Viability and Household Demand for Textile Donation Bins in the Greater Toronto Area” Canadian Waste to Resource Recovery Conference


Lakhan, C. (2016) “Poster Presentation: The Waste Wiki Project” Canadian Waste to Resource Recovery Conference


Lakhan, C. (2015). “Rethink, Revisit and Recycle: Challenging the assumptions and drivers of diversion in Ontario” Ontario Waste Management Association Annual Meeting


Lakhan, C. (2012) “Developing a cost model for quantifying the costs of informal waste collection” RE-CARIBE 2012


Lakhan, C. (2012) “Formalizing the informal waste sector: Alternative waste management strategies in the Caribbean” University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University Joint Ph.D Geography Research Symposium



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Radio Interviews


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Current Projects


·       Diabetes Canada National Textile Program – Better Practices in Textile Diversion
·       Research Support of the Ontario Waste Management Association
·       Research Partnership between the City of Toronto and York University
·       Research Partnership between York Region and York University

·       Research Support for the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

University Teaching Experience


Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

  • Course Instructor ENVS6182 – Quantitative Research Methods (2017,2018)


Department of Geography, UOW/Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Lab leader for GG254 – Geographic Information and Analysis
  • Teaching Assistant for UU101 – Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Teaching Assistant for UU260 – Urban Economic Geography
  • Teaching Assistant for ES298 – Environmental Thought
  • Guest lecture: UU101 Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Guest lecture: UU260 Urban Economic Geography


Department of Economics, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Guest Lecture ECON4380 – Public Choice Theory
  • Guest Lecture ECON3340 – Environmental Economics
  • Guest Lecture ECON4130 – Economics of Information and Incentives


Grants, Scholarships and Academic Awards


  • 2016-Current: Research Grant For Ontario’s “Waste Wiki” Project ($310,000)
  • 2011-2014: Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($60000)
  • 2013: Elizabeth Tsicharlet Graduate Scholarship in Geography ($2000)
  • 2011-14: UoW/Wilfrid Laurier Graduate Fellowship ($12000)
  • 2011-14: UoW/Wilfrid Laurier Graduate Scholarship ($8000)
  • 2008: York University Continuing Graduate Scholarship ($24000)
  • 2007: York University Entrance Graduate Scholarship ($24000)
  • 2003-2006: York University Continuing Scholarship ($15000)
  • 2005: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Haemophilia Scholarship ($5000USD)
  • 2004: TCOR Haemophilia Scholarship ($5000)
  • 2002: York University Entrance Scholarship ($5000)
  • 2002: Turner Fenton Academic Excellence Award in: OAC Economics, OAC Calculus


Professional contributions


  • Elsevier “Excellence in Review” http://www.journals.elsevier.com/resources-conservation-and-recycling/news/announcing-the-first-cohort-of-excellence-in-review-award-re/
  • Editorial board member for Advances in Recycling and Waste Management
  • Reviewer for Resources Conservation and Recycling, Waste Management, Journal of Environmental Management, Environment and Behavior


Volunteer Experience


  • 2015 – Present: Board Member Community Environmental Alliance
  • 2007 – Present: Canvasser for Canadian Cancer Society, TCOR Haemophilia society and Canadian Kidney Foundation